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A Message from Sheffield Trade Union Council


the progressive voice of Sheffield’s trade union movement


Please come and welcome the MarchforNHS when it arrives in Sheffield on Bank Holiday Monday 25th August. The marchers are scheduled to arrive in Weston Park around 5pm and we intend to have a huge welcoming rally for them. Please join us!



A group of mums concerned and outraged at the assault by government on our most prized possession are marching from Jarrow to London from the 16 August until 6 September.

They will be arriving in Sheffield on Bank Holiday Monday 25 August at 5pm in Weston Park opposite Sheffield Children’s Hospital! We hope to have an impressive welcoming rally there from the people of Sheffield who care about the NHS. And that means YOU!


Sheffield Trade Union Council will be there with our banner and we encourage all trade union branches in the city to do the same.

There will be a Sheffield People’s Assembly campaign stall there.

Support for the NHS is growing day by day. We need our NHS so it’s time to join the thousands already campaigning together to keep it. The Coalition Government’s NHS Reform Act is seeing the NHS being sold off at an alarming rate with the private sector health multinationals cherry picking huge chunks of the service for profit. We know privatisation and fragmentation of the NHS cannot work. Many of these huge health multinationals like Care UK are already smashing wages and conditions of NHS staff – like in Doncaster where UNISON members are taking strike action. On top of this the NHS is already burdened with 20 Billion austerity spending cuts. It’s time to stand up and say NO to the destruction of our public NHS – a destruction we never voted for!

The People’s March for the NHS will follow in the famous footsteps of the Jarrow Crusade. The marchers will march 300 miles, through 23 towns and cities all the way to Parliament to serve notice to every politician that voted to destroy our NHS! You are welcome to come along to support the marchers!


The organising committee needs funds to pay for the arrangements – food, entertainment and accommodation for the marchers etc- so if your union branch or organisation can help please donate online  Alternatively cheques can be sent to Sheffield Trade Union Council marked on the back MarchforNHS to The Secretary, Sheffield Trade Union Council, c/o Trades and Labour Club,Talbot Street Sheffield S2 2TG.


Martin Mayer


Posted: 19th August 2014

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