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Britain Needs A Payrise

18.10.14 Saturday was the March in London for Britain Needs a Payrise.  We set off early to join our GMB Colleagues at Victoria Embankment to March to Hyde Park. This was to highlight that Austerity isn’t working and after almost 6 years of pay cuts and freezes, working people are finding it harder to make ends meet with the ever increasing cost of bills and living.


The March, organised by the TUC brought together all our Trade Unions across England to stand together and highlight the need for a Living Wage instead of a minimum wage. This would be £10 hour minimum. Many local authorities and companies have signed their support for this.

Indeed our own NHS have only received a 1% increase for 12 months if at the top of your band. Those working through bands and on increment did not receive this 1%.  For those that did get it, it means it is not consolidated, so not pensionable and not on enhancements or unsocial hours although it is taxable, but more importantly in April 2015, the 1% will be taken back by the government and then you will recieve another 1% under the same terms and conditions as explained until April 2016.  So this means in April 2016, your wages will fall to the rate you were on in 2013. This is a paycut not a payrise.

The March was a great success, with over 90,000 people attending in London and two further marches in Scotland and Ireland mirroring our own.  Britain needs A Payrise ended in Hyde Park with a rally.  We hope our MP’s about to receive a £10,000 payrise will listen and take notice.

Please check out our gallery for photos of our day.

Posted: 19th October 2014

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