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Please read the newsletter linked below to see advice on Action that GMB are taking against the government about Pay and Wages.

Did you know the 1% pay rise you have received this year if you no longer get an increment is for 12 months.  If you did, do you know what this means?

This means that the pay rise you received in April is for 12 months only and not pensionable.  At the end of 12 months the 1% will be taken off you, it will not be permanent.  So if the government then give you another 1% in April 2015, you will have actually had a pay cut because your wages will stay the same as you will have lost the 1% from 2014.  Please remember too that your pension will have lost out on this money too as none of the 1% is pensionable.

Join us on the picket line on the 13th October from 7am – 11am and fight against the governments continuing attack on NHS Pay and Conditions.


GMB@WORK Newsletter October 14

Posted: 5th October 2014

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