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What more can be said this weekend following an attack on NHS Staff and an ultimatum to the BMA on 7 day working in the NHS, Jeremy Hunt the Secretary of Health has met with a fierce Backlash.

Thousands of hardworking Doctors, Nurses and NHS staff have taken to Social Media using the #ImInWorkJeremy hash tag to show Jeremy and this government that contrary to their own beliefs they do work weekends and in fact we do have a 24/7/365 health service.

The fact the health minister can actually say we don’t shows how out of touch both he and the government are with the NHS and indeed public opinion after insinuating that the NHS doesn’t work weekends and staff are lazy.

Shame on you Mr Hunt

You can follow the #ImInWorkJeremy campaign through our Branch Facebook and Twitter feed.  There is also a petition on Change.Org.Uk asking for Jeremy Hunt to go.

Please join us in support of our NHS Staff in this campaign to show Jeremy Hunt and this Government that our NHS Staff work hard for us all right through the NHS whatever there job is 24/7/365


Posted: 19th July 2015

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