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What Next from this Government

Here we are just two months since the General Election and this Tory Government are beginning to show their true colours.

We have the attack on our Human Rights Act which they want to throw out in favour of their own.

We have the Welfare Cuts hitting low paid workers claiming Tax Credits.

We have animal cruelty laws creeping in … The fox Hunting amendments were dropped due to opposition thankfully, but somehow an animal experiment deal for a puppy farm in Hull was allowed through, one which I’m sure will be profitable to the rich, while puppies suffer terrible pain, torture and death.

Then we have the Trade Union Bill. Taking away workers right to strike, unless the vote is a 50% turnout with a 40% yes vote. Political funds attacked and a ban on funding the Labour Party, while no laws put through to stop the rich Tory supporters donating to Cameron and his buddies.  Basically this Bill takes away workers rights while the Tories tell you they are the party of the working class …. I can assure they are not, especially when they take there £10,000 payrise …. What payrise does the ordinary working class get ??? Public services are frozen at 1%.

I didn’t vote for this…. But then again they only got 37% of the UK Vote…. Double Standards. The government wouldn’t have been elected if the rules they are imposing on unions were imposed upon them ….

What comes next from this government remains to be seen but it won’t be good.  Time to make a stand together.


Posted: 16th July 2015

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